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Betting On The Best For The First Time

by Michelle Villamin | Dec 05, 2016
Raewyn and Peter Burn-Geddes at Piha Beach

Raewyn and Peter, a lively couple from Napier, are first-home buyers of a different kind – the ‘take your home on the road without a care or a worry’ kind. This wasn’t initially the case, however. Raewyn admits the first time driving their Bürstner Nexxo T690G off off the SmartRV lot was rather nerve-wracking. They’d fallen in love with their new purchase and they didn’t want anything untoward to happen to their new baby.

“We were driving very cautiously as we headed home on that first day. But we haven’t looked back since then”, says Raewyn.

Their purchasing decision isn’t something they took lightly either. Raewyn and Peter spent a good year or so of researching, both online and attending all the motorhome shows.

Not long into their endeavor to find the perfect fit, they quickly realised they kept coming back to one brand and one extremely helpful sales team – the Bürstner motorhomes and SmartRV team.

“We were initially attracted by the high-end finish, the sleek style and the spacious layout”, says Raewyn.

“The level of Bürstner quality and the responsive service of Nandor and the team was something that we just couldn’t find replicated elsewhere.”

Raewyn shares that the entire process, from initial inquiry, to being fitted with their dream home, to post-sales service, was extremely easy. “Like it was meant to be”, reflects Raewyn.

That initial gut reaction was validated this year, as Peter and Raewyn attended the motorhome show in Auckland, for the first time as motorhome owners.

“We had a good look around comparing what was on the market and we still feel ours is by far the best”, she enthuses.

“Our Bürstner is compact when it comes to drivability, but big on personality, creative use of space and style. There are other motorhome brands that have large living areas but compromise on the finer details. With it being just two of us we much prefer a home that offers a complete, refined package.”

“And in reality we have all the space we need. There’s plenty of storage for equipment, but also for food and supplies so you can stock up and not have to worry about being close to amenities”, says Raewyn.

“We live in Napier and often drive across the ranges to bunk in at Five Mile Bay in Taupo. The Nexxo drives like a dream over the steep inclines, and small but significant things like the comfortable leather seats and the footrests mean travelling long distances is a breeze too.”

They’ve exhausted a lot of the prime spots in the North Island and have plans for month-long trips to the South Island in 2017.

“We adore the freedom of parking up on a secluded beach and doing our thing. We use our bikes a lot and like to go for walks. We’re even looking at getting a stand up paddle board and some kayaks”, muses Raewyn.

“We just love it. We’re free agents, like gypsies hitting the road without a set agenda as to where we’ll end up for the evening. It’s an attitude and a way of life that speaks to our active nature and keeps us young.”

To explore how a Bürstner motorhome could be the perfect fit for you, call SmartRV on 0800 007 627.

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