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  • SmartRV used motorhomes for sale

    Why Buying a Used Motorhome Could Be Ideal for You

    12 Mar 2018
    Owning a premium European motorhome is even more achievable with the range of used vehicles available from SmartRV.
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  • SmartRV reveals some tips to check on motorhome to put your mind at ease this summer.

    Motorhome Servicing for Summer

    09 Dec 2017
    Summer is holiday time in New Zealand. Here’s a simple list to tick to ensure your motorhome is in top condition before going off on your perfect NZ summer getaway.
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  • NZ Summer BBQ and Fridge Tips for your motorhome

    Tips For a Tasty Summer

    06 Dec 2017
    SmartRV tips for your perfect summer holiday in New Zealand. Get the best out of your fridge and BBQ in your motorhome.
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  • Bathroom of a Bürstner Ixeo IT680G motorhome

    Self-Containment and Certification – The Ins & Outs

    01 Sep 2017
    Having a certified self-contained RV not only gives you the freedom to camp in remote and beautiful areas that not everyone can access, but also makes it easier to care for our green environment.
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  • Woman exits Wilderness motorhome through door on the right

    Addressing the Driver’s-side Door Safety Concerns

    28 Mar 2017
    Potential buyers are sometimes concerned by the door placement on our German motorhomes. As such, we cover why a right-side door doesn’t mean compromised safety in New Zealand.
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  • Motorhome Instructional Video

    Getting the Most Out of Your Motorhome | Video Guide for Bürstner and Carado Motorhomes

    09 Jan 2016
    Use these short videos to get to know how your Bürstner or Carado motorhome works. From how to fill with diesel to using the central heating, the videos will explain what you need to know to get the most out of your motorhome.
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  • Higgs-Bruce

    Entry Door on the Wrong Side?

    11 May 2015
    Bruce and Tina Higgs don't have your typical story of being long time motorhomers - they are relatively late entrants. In 2007 a chance visit to a motorhome sales yard and a look over a Bürstner T585 changed their thinking somewhat.
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  • Driver's Side Exit Doors - A Non Issue

    26 Apr 2015
    We take safety seriously at SmartRV. In fact our Burstner motorhomes meet the highest safety standards available thanks to permanent quality controls on one of the most modern test tracks in Europe. Ah, tested in Europe you might say, where they drive on the ‘other side’.

    But hold on a minute. Offside doors have never been an issue for our sister rental company Wilderness Motorhomes, where the drivers are often dealing with a whole new set of road rules as well as the doors.
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  • E4_Measures,-David-&-Gina_Lake-Pukaki

    Winter Touring

    14 Sep 2014
    Once upon a time, a campervan holiday was something only to be undertaken in the warmer months. The motorhomes and campervans available in New Zealand were simply not made for cold or wet conditions. Luckily for RV enthusiasts, all that has changed.
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