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  • How To Sell Your Motorhome

    How To Sell Your Motorhome

    07 Aug 2019
    Motorhome ownership is a fun way of life, but there may come a time when you want to sell your motorhome in order to upgrade, downsize or to retire from the road completely. You might choose to sell privately or go through Smart RV. Whether you choose to work with us on selling your motorhome or list it yourself, there are some key areas to consider when it comes to making a great sale.
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  • Find out which is right for you - Buying New vs Used

    Should You Buy A New or Used Motorhome?

    01 Jul 2019
    Buying a motorhome is a major purchase and requires a lot of thought about what you want out of your life on the road. But whatever your dream might look like, one thing is true for every motorhome buyer: you want value for money.
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  • Maximise your RV Storage when on the road

    RV Buyers’ Guide – Storage

    09 Jun 2019
    Life on the open road might be about getting away from it all, but you should still be able to have all you need to be comfortable without cluttering up the inside of your motorhome. Here, we look at what to expect when it comes to motorhome storage and what to look out for.
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  • SmartRV motorhome bathroom

    RV Buyers’ Guide – Bathroom, Fresh and Grey Water

    31 Mar 2019
    We explain what to look for when it comes to motorhome bathrooms and their features, as well as water storage.
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  • Motorhome light, heating and ventilation

    RV Buyers’ Guide: Light, Heating and Ventilation

    10 Mar 2019
    Lighting, heating and ventilation might be less visible elements in a motorhome, but are very important when it comes to your overall comfort and enjoyment of your time on the road.
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  • Motorhome kitchen, an essential space of your RV

    RV Buyers’ Guide – Kitchen

    24 Feb 2019
    Just as in a house, the kitchen can be regarded as the heart of your motorhome. Here, we explain what to look for when it comes to kitchen features and layout.
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  • Hymer ML-T 580 King size bed

    RV Buyers’ Guide – Length, Layout and Bedding

    03 Feb 2019
    Choosing a motorhome interior layout to suit your lifestyle requires a little imagination. It’s a time to think about how you want to live while on the road, and how many of you will be along for the ride.
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  • Fiat Ducato chassis for motorhomes is the most widely used base

    RV Buyers’ Guide – Chassis and construction

    14 Jan 2019
    Motorhome chassis and construction are important considerations when looking to buy an RV, as they are key to a vehicle’s overall quality.
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  • Freedom Camping in New Zealand

    RV Buyers’ Guide – Self-Contained Vehicles

    17 Dec 2018
    For the ultimate in freedom, a certified self-contained RV opens up a whole new world of places to stay that the average traveller never gets to experience.
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  • Things to consider when buying a motorhome

    RV Buyers’ Guide – Budget

    25 Nov 2018
    Once you’ve decided to embark on a life of exciting adventures in your own RV, one of the first considerations will be your budget.
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