SmartRV Owners Club

Connect with other RV owners and share stories, tips, experiences and with other motorhome enthusiasts.

Owners Club

Everyone who purchases a motorhome or caravan from SmartRV is automatically entitled to join our exclusive Owners Club.

SmartRV launched the Owners Club in 2014 as a way of connecting owners to share stories and experiences and to meet other motorhome enthusiasts.

Are you a Bürstner, Carado or Hymer owner passionate about motorhoming or caravanning?
Would you be interested in meeting other like-minded owners?
Keen to share your experiences and tips with others?
If your answer is yes, we’d love to have you in our Club!


If you purchased your motorhome or caravan from SmartRV you have free automatic membership to the Club*. If you own a Bürstner, Carado or Hymer motorhome or caravan but didn’t purchase your RV from us, you can still join for a one-off membership fee of NZ$199 - click here to complete the membership form.


You will receive an Owners Club welcome pack with exclusive merchandise. Members also receive invitations to special events during the year, including our annual VIP networking events in Auckland and Christchurch.

You will also have access to our dedicated after sales team. They are experts in helping you to get the most out of your motorhome or caravan. They are available during business hours Monday to Saturday to help you with any concerns.

*Membership is per RV up to a maximum of two people. 
*Membership is valid until you sell the qualifying for which you are registered.

Call or email us. We'd love to hear from you.

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